DEADLINE: September 28, 2018 11:59 MST

to the AWE ::: A series of rough and ready performance, dedicated to the live and contemporary – supporting makers and audiences in the discovery of new form.  

Open call to Canadian artists interested in presented in to the AWE’s 2018/2019 Season:
  • Artists from all disciplines who are creating the realm of performance and are eager to play, experiment, question and challenge their practices.
  • New or re-imagined works between 1 – 12 minutes in length of diverse aesthetics, voices and approaches to performance creation.

Our single evening events are hosted in venues ranging from Artist-Run Centres to unconventional spaces and hidden gems in Mohkinstis/Calgary. Think raw and stripped down venues with simple sound and lighting provided. If your work has special technical needs or unique performance parameters, let us know and we’ll do our best to help realize your vision. Artists are provided a short technical rehearsal the morning/afternoon of the event. In addition to an honorarium, artists are provided photo and video documentation.

You may know or not know what you want to present now, maybe you’re currently jamming on an idea or realizing the project. Maybe you’ve just always wanted to burn the shit down “artistically”. All of these are valid reasons to send us a proposal.

We are curating our 2018-19 season and are eager to hear from those in need of a platform to risk and potentially fail, seeking to discover something new in their practice by performing in an intimate context with a stellar audience.

We want to hear about your art!
To apply send :::
  • Artist Bio/Statement - Tell us about your practice (250 words max)
  • Project Proposal (250 words max)
  • Support Material - Maximum 3 examples of past or present work.

Pam & Elaine